Accessories Don’t Make The Man, But They Define His Look


Accessories are the secret to looking both dapper and powerful in your style.


Neckties/bow ties: A bow tie is the neckwear of choice for very formal events or when you’re going for a look of modern sophistication. Neckties are the standard with suits and for work; they add height to your appearance, and the huge variety of patterns gives you an opportunity to really express your personality.



Belts/braces: Belts and braces are as functional as they are stylish — something needs to hold up your pants, after all. Choosing between the two comes down to what you want to emphasise. A well-polished belt and belt buckle will set off the transition from pants to shirt. Meanwhile, braces draw attention to your upper body, which connotes strength.



Tie clips/cufflinks: Unlike the rest, these two aren’t an either/or proposition. You can wear the two together. Both serve the purpose of adding a touch of bling to your appearance.




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