New App For Facebook Tells You Who Unfriended You


Ever noticed that your number of friends on Facebook is lower today than it was yesterday?  That’s because someone “unfriended” you.

A new app called Who Deleted Me for Facebook — available for iOS, Android, and as a Chrome extension — tells you who.

Unfortunately, it can’t tell you who unfriended you prior to installing the app, only after you download it.   It will even send you a notification when someone removes you from their friends list.

In actuality, the app isn’t new.  It first launched in 2009, but Facebook disabled it because it “circumvented their intended limitations,” according to Anthony Kuske, the app developer.

Kuske believes it won’t be disabled this time because it gets its information from the user’s page rather than going into the API.  Nevertheless, Facebook has already asked the developer to remove the app, saying it violates their policies.

Facebook’s policy states that developers must “respect the limits placed on Facebook functionality,” which includes not notifying users when someone unfriends them.

While the app remains available for download, many users are reporting difficulties loading it on their devices.

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