Tips For Staying Well-Groomed

Men Grooming

You can’t look your best if you’re not well-groomed. Here are the areas you need to pay attention to.

Head hair: Whether you choose to wear your hair short, long, or go bald, the key is to never appear like you just got your hair cut. That means going no longer than three weeks between cuts.

Facial hair: You can be well-groomed with a beard or mustache as surely as you can if you are clean shaven. If you like your facial hair, be sure to trim it daily so you never have any straggly hairs that take away from the smooth shape of your facial hair, and always keep it clean so it doesn’t smell. If you go clean shaven, go all the way. Shave every day and use a razor that cuts as close to the skin as possible.

Ear hair/nose hair: Don’t forget about these spots where hair tends to grow more as we get older. People should never be able to see the hair you have growing there.

Ears: In addition to keeping your ear hair trimmed, keep your ears clean of wax and dirt.

Fingernails: Keep your fingernails short and clean. Scrub under them with a brush if that’s what it takes to remove dirt or grease from under them.

Back hair/chest hair/pubic hair: Even though most people won’t see these areas, don’t neglect them. It’s just as important that you look good for your significant other as it is for other people. Some women like chest hair and pubic hair, while others don’t, but virtually no woman likes back hair.

Teeth/breath: Brush your teeth after each meal whenever possible, and use mouthwash, mints, or gum to keep your breath smelling fresh.

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