The Things That Are More Important Than Money And Power


The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege.” – Charles Kuralt, American journalist

It’s easy for some people to say that certain things are more important than money and power when they have plenty of both. You could say that just being able to profess that anything is more important than money and power is a luxury only afforded by the rich, because for the rest of us, we are faced with many problems every single day that only more money or power can seemingly fix.

But maybe the only reason why we focus so much on those problems is because we believe that we’re capable of overcoming them if we just find the mystical answer to them. We believe that we have the potential to be rich and/or powerful.

Let’s stop thinking that way.

Let’s start believing that we could never be rich, we could never be powerful, we could never be more than we are right now. And let’s make the most out of that person who is flesh and blood real, not someone who will, in all likelihood, only ever exist in our daydreams.

Assume that the imperfect life you have is all you will ever have. Stop trying to figure out how to get a better place to live or buy more food or nicer clothes or put your kids in better schools or whatever. If you’re poor, rejoice in being poor. Your income and your possessions do not define you. What does define you are two things:

• The love of your family
• The admiration of your friends

By being someone who listens because you care, by always being willing to lend whatever help you can, by making people your priority, by never compromising your principles and values — you can have the things that are much more valuable than money and power:

• Love
• Respect
• Happiness
• Inner Peace

And a little known secret is that the people who have those four things are far more likely to gain wealth and power without hardly trying. But the thing is, when you have those four things, wealth and power simply don’t have the ability to impress you enough to really care.

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