6 Great Apps For Personal Safety



Let’s face it, if you need it, there’s an app for it.  It’s no different when it comes to personal safety.  And considering that you always have your phone with you, it makes a lot of sense that you’d use it to help stay safe.

Here are 6 great personal safety apps:

bSafe Personal Safety App (Android, iOS)

bSafe has you select “guardians,” the people who will be notified when you get to where you’re going or you get into trouble.  If you are in trouble, simply tap the red SOS button on the app — a bright light shines on your phone, an alarm sounds, and your Guardians are notified so they can contact the police.  With GPS enabled, they can even track your position.

Circle of 6 (Android, iOS)

This free app gives you six family or friends on your emergency contact list.  Press the car, phone, or chat icons if you need one of them to pick you up, call you, or text you.

Guardly (Android, iOS, Blackberry 10)

Like bSafe, Guardly enables you to send emergency messages to preselected individuals.  The premium subscription will run you $1.99/month or $19.99/year, but that enables GPS or Bluetooth tracking of your location so you know you’ll be found if you’re in trouble.

Watch Over Me (Android, iOS)

This one, too, alerts people in case of emergency and enables tracking of your location.  Watch Over Me also allows you to set it to “watch over you” for a certain period of time if you know you’re going into a sketchy situation, and if you don’t “check in” it will automatically notify your emergency contacts.  The app will even notify you if you’re going into what it recognises as a potentially dangerous area.  Get into trouble and you have only to shake your phone to start the app recording what is happening.  The premium subscription is $9.99 for 3 months or $23.99 for the year.

Kitestring (SMS-based)

No smartphone required!  Kitestring checks in with you at preselected times, and if you don’t respond it notifies your designated network.  Like Watch Over Me, it’s perfect if you’re going into a situation or a location where trouble is possible.   The free plan gives you 8 checkins per month.  The paid plan is $3/month and gives you unlimited checkins and unlimited contacts.

SafeTrek (Android, iOS)

If you know you’re headed into a risky situation, open the app and put your thumb down on the big blue button.  When you’re safe, take your thumb away and enter your 4-digit pin.  If you take your thumb away and don’t enter your pin, the police will be notified.

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