Men’s Style Tips: How Your Dress Shirt Should Fit


Even more important than what you wear is how well your clothes fit you. Follow these tips to get a well-fitted dress shirt.


  • Should just graze your neck without constricting it.
  • If you turn your head and your collar turns with it, your collar is too tight.
  • You should be able to fit two fingers inside your collar without causing it to tighten against your skin.


  • Should extend to where the palm begins, about 2cm up the wrist bone.
  • Should be tight enough that it doesn’t travel over the notch where your thumb connects to your wrist.
  • Should be a bit looser than a watch.

Shoulder seam

  • Should lie on your shoulder bone.


  • If you can see the details of your arms, the sleeves are too tight.
  • If the sleeves billow, they are too loose.
  • When you bend your arm, the cuff should not move more than an inch up your wrist.


  • Bending and normal moving should not cause the shirt to become untucked.
  • Similarly, if you fold your arms behind your head, the shirt should not become untucked.


  • Should not be tight around the shoulder.

Most important, have a tailor take your measurements to make shopping easier. But still try on any new style to be sure you have the best possible fit.

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