Men’s Style Tips: How Your Blazer or Suit Jacket Should Fit


Yesterday we learned how to get the perfect fit in your dress shirts. Today, we look at your blazer or suit jacket.


  • About 2 cm of shirt collar should be revealed by your jacket collar.
  • Collar should not stand away from your neck.
  • There shouldn’t be any bunching beneath the collar in the back.


  • Shoulder seam should lie at edge of shoulder.
  • In other words, end of shoulder pad should be right at end of your shoulder.
  • If there is a divot at the top of your sleeve, the shoulders are too wide.
  • If the sleeve is pulling, the shoulders are too narrow.


  • Shouldn’t cut into your armpit.
  • Arms should move somewhat independently during normal movement.


  • With the top button buttoned, the suit shouldn’t pull. If you see an X, the chest is too tight.
  • You should easily be able to slip your flat hand under the lapel.


  • The top button should rest either at your navel or just above.


  • Sleeves should end at the wrist bone.
  • You want about 1 cm of your shirt sleeves exposed when your arms are resting at your side.


  • Should cover your backside.

Certain things about your suit jacket can be tailored. The length and the shoulders, generally speaking, cannot be. Be sure the jacket fits these two areas, then get a good tailor to take care of any other adjustments that need made for the perfect fit.

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