Men’s Style Tips: How Your Pants Should Fit

TralIf you’ve been following along the last two days, then you should be right from the waist up with how your clothes are fitting. Now, let’s get you right below the waist.

Dress slacks and chinos

  • No pants should need a belt to stay up. Belts and braces are accessories. If you need them to keep your pants from falling down, then your pants are too big.
  • They shouldn’t be too tight that they cling to your legs or too wide that they billow out. They should fit just right so that you are comfortable in your movements but they still act as drapes covering your legs.
  • Avoid pleats — they make you look heavier and they aren’t in style.
  • Dress slacks should have a single crease down the front and back of each pant leg. Your tailor should be able to put in a “supercrease” so that you never have to worry about losing it.
  • Unlike chinos, most dress slacks come long and require tailoring. But just so you know if your tailor is doing the right thing, your slacks should have a small break. The break is the crease toward the bottom of the pants where they collapse on the shoes.


  • Jeans are a lot more versatile and allow for creative expression.
  • They can be tight to the thighs or somewhat loose.
  • Avoid baggy jeans, however, and of course they should fit. Your jeans shouldn’t be hanging halfway down your backside.
  • When it comes to length and breaks, that’s where it is particularly up to the style you want. Some people prefer a single small break like their dress slacks and chinos, while others prefer a few. Some people like the look of several breaks in their jeans, which is called “stacking.”
  • No matter how many breaks you prefer, the most important thing is that your jeans fit you properly in the waist. Different styles will fit you differently in the leg and the backside, but if they fit without the need for a belt and don’t constrict you to the point that you can’t breathe, you’re wearing the right size.


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