Victorious Creates Mobile Apps For Your Favorite Youtube Channels


Startup Victorious has built its business model around the idea that there’s money to be made bringing you more ways to interact with your favorite Youtube channels.  Popular YouTubers can have apps built specifically around what they do, in which their fans can view videos, interact, and submit their own user-generated content.

The first apps launched in April, and Victorious is already boasting 250 million views, 300 million engagements, and 1 million pieces of user-generated content on them.

Victorious further claims that with the contracts it currently has with popular YouTube channels, total reach exceeds 350 million subscribers on YouTube.

That’s a lot of eyeballs, and if eyeballs are what advertisers are interested in, then they’ve come to the right place.

But that isn’t the only thing advertisers care about, or should care about.  The biggest draw to what Victorious is doing is that it is further enabling and strengthening the communities around these popular YouTube channels.  The more users can interact with the channel’s creators and each other, the more loyal they are to the channel, the more likely they are to click on advertiser’s associated with the channel.

Former Youtube executive Shishir Mehrotra has joined the Victorious board of directors.  In an email statement, he summed it up this way:

Years ago, we deliberately moved from videos to channels at YouTube. Naturally, you always wonder: what’s next? Passionate communities were always the piece that got me most excited. Superfans engage in more interesting ways with content than casual fans, express themselves through their own premium content, and are the lifeblood of creators and creative communities. It’s been rewarding to see something I’ve cared about so deeply for years—passionate communities—emerge on Victorious as the start of a next generation passion platform.”

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