Men’s Style Tips: How Your Shoes And Ties Should Fit


Now that you have your shirts, pants, and jackets fitting you properly, we have only to worry about shoes and ties.


  • When you’re standing, you shouldn’t be able to easily insert a finger behind your heel.
  • Your toes should just barely graze the inside front of the shoe or be just a tiny bit short of it.
  • Your toes should not press against the front of the shoe.
  • The sides of the shoe should exert little or no pressure on the sides of your feet. Try walking in the shoes. They should feel comfortable without pressing on your feet or sliding around.
  • Opt for round-toes when buying formal shoes. Flat-toed shoes give your foot a clunky appearance, fine for casual shoes but nor for formal.


  • When knotted, your tie should sit directly under your collar, not tightening it.
  • When standing, the bottom of the tie should extend just past where your shirt meets your pants, ending around the middle of your belt.
  • Your knot should vary depending on the collar of your shirt.
  • With a wider collar, like a cutaway, tie a larger knot, like a full windsor.
  • With a narrow collar, like a pointed collar, tie a smaller knot, like a four-in-hand.

And that’s it. Experiment with different styles and combinations of shirts, pants, jackets, shoes, and ties. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You never know what might look great on you or what you may fall in love with. But whatever you choose to wear, make sure it fits the way that it should, and you’re assured of looking your dapper best.

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