Ultra-Ever Dry Set To Revolutionize Our World With Its Liquid-Repellant Paint


Imagine peeing on a wall and having it bounce right back at you?

Public works officials in Hamburg, Germany, and San Francisco, United States, are hoping to make that happen. Even more, they’re hoping that it will cut down on the number of people peeing on walls in public places.

They’re turning to tech to make the dream a reality. Specifically, they are using a new liquid-repellant paint called Ultra-Ever Dry.

This is what it does.

But Ultra-Ever Dry has more possible applications than preventing public urination. In fact, there seem to be applications for the product in most aspects of our lives.

Ultra-Ever Dry uses nanotechnology to prevent liquid from sticking to anything coated with the product. And it works! You won’t believe how well it works!

Check out the product in a variety of test scenarios. The video starts off by asking the question: Are you ready to be amazed? But a far more appropriate question is: Are you ready to have your mind blown?

Think I’m exaggerating? See it for yourself.

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