Africa Mobile & ICT Expo 2015 Hailed As A Huge Step Forward For Innovation In Ghana


This past weekend saw the first annual Africa Mobile & ICT Expo (MOBEX) held in Accra. The event has garnered praise from all quarters — organizers, participants, and observers — with some calling it a huge step forward for innovation in Ghana.

MOBEX15 brought together the varied elements of technology in Africa, and specifically Ghana, under the shared purpose of harnessing ICT tools and innovation for the purpose of improving lives, creating jobs, engendering investments, and providing solutions to societal changes.

Participants and attendants had the opportunity to share with each other what they have been doing and what greater things they feel can be done. Dialogue and networking took place that will enable much greater cooperation between companies and individuals working toward solving some of the biggest challenges facing Ghana and Africa. And those with the skills looking for employment were brought together with those who have positions to fill.

More than 60 companies participated in the 3-day event that saw turnout of more than 2,000, far exceeding expectations for an event being held for the first time.

Abigail Mensah Boadi, public relations officer of Telefonika, summed up the event and its future prospects by saying:

This event is important because it puts together people with like-minds and people who are on the innovation end to bring what it takes to help stir things into the next level. It’s a good thing and should be continued, and I’m expecting it to go higher in a rather deeper way.”

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