Microsoft Piques Our Curiosity With ‘Halo Wars 2’ Teaser


Not much is known about the new Halo Wars 2 being released around September for Xbox One and Windows 10.

The first Halo Wars was a real-time strategy video game that involved futuristic human soldiers aboard the warship Spirit of Fire attempting to stop a fleet of ships from falling into the hands of the genocidal alien Covenant.

We do know that the game will, of course, be set in the Halo universe, and we know that Microsoft apparently worked with Creative Assembly on this one. That’s a bit unusual because UK-based Creative Assembly is a Sega studio, and the Halo series has traditionally been Microsoft-exclusive.

If we can guess at what to expect from Halo Wars 2 based on Creative Assembly’s history with the Total War series (and the teaser for Halo Wars 2 seems to support our assumptions), the game will be big in scale and big on visual realism.

Check out the Halo Wars 2 teaser here and judge for yourself.

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