Every Little Bit Counts

Every Little

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” — Edmund Burke, philosopher politician

How often in life do we allow the size of the challenge we’re faced with keep us from trying? Confronted by the seemingly impossible, we opt to do nothing rather than something.

The thing is, you never truly know what you’re capable of until you try. Success may be much more attainable than you think, but you miss out on the opportunity if you allow your defeatism to keep you out of the game.

But even if you try and fail, you don’t fail completely, because doing even a little toward a larger goal is bound to improve your situation. And whether we’re talking about your own life or the world you live in, progress is the result of many small efforts, not just one big one.

So try something today. Think about that thing you wish you could do but don’t because it would take far too long and require far too much work. Do something to get it started. Don’t even think about the end. Just do what’s required at the beginning. Then tomorrow or the next day, do something else toward it.

If you focus on the little that you know you can do, before you know it you’ll look up and realise that you’ve done so much more than you thought you possibly could.

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