Why Are We Always Trying To Get To The Kiss?


A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” — Ingrid Bergman, iconic Hollywood actress

Why does a successful date end in a kiss?

We use words to communicate, but more than that, we use words to get our way, whether we’re trying to get someone to do something for us or understand us or agree with us.

When we’re dating, the goal (in a romantic sense) is to get in someone else’s heart, or (in a cruder sense) to get in their pants. Either way, we use words to try and win that challenge.

Now, there comes a time in our verbal maneuvering when we’ve said everything that can be said, when we’ve gotten to the point where we sense that we’ve won, but the contract still needs signed.

That’s when it’s time to shut up, close your eyes, and go in for a kiss.

And in that moment when our lips meet, the doors to our hearts are thrown open, we are most vulnerable to being hurt, and the final decision is taken whether to turn back or to continue headlong down the path together with reckless abandon.

So while our words may paint a picture on another person’s heart, it is our kiss that creates the permanent impression.

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