Evening News Roundup For Monday, August 24, 2015

No weapon

Court evaluation finds Mahama assassin suffers from systematised delusional disorder.

36-year-old Charles Antwi, the man who claimed in court to have gone to President John Mahama’s church to assassinate him, suffers from a psychiatric disorder, according to a court-ordered evaluation.

  • The evaluation was conducted by Professor Joseph Bediako Asare of the Peace Bea Consultancy Clinic; a report of his findings was submitted to the Bureau of National Investigations.
  • The report states that Charles has a history of mental instability and has received no proper treatment for it. He has no insight into his condition and has no regret for his actions.
  • The report recommends psychiatric treatment in a secured facility, since it deems him a high security risk.
  • An Accra High Court, meanwhile, has set August 31 to rule on Antwi’s case. He was earlier sentenced to a 10-year jail term for illegal possession of a firearm, but that verdict is likely to be set aside due to improper judicial procedure.


Police threaten to “shoot and kill” Bawku residents who threaten them.

Police in Bawku, in the Upper East Region, say they will not hesitate to shoot with the intention to kill any civilian who attempts to attack their personnel.

  • The warning comes after angry youth of the town clashed with police at the station over the weekend.
  • The youth went to the station to demand the release of a Muslim cleric who had been arrested for using children to beg for alms.
  • Three persons sustained injuries as police fired warning shots to disperse the youth, who vandalized police property.
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