The Reason You Fail? You Don’t Want It Badly Enough


If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” — Jim Rohn, motivational speaker

There are hundreds if not thousands of reasons why we fail. But all those reasons can be tossed out the window, because ultimately it comes down to one thing — we fail because we don’t want it badly enough.

Think about it.

Think about when you’re hungry. Think about what you’ll do to get food to put in your belly.

Think about if your child is in danger. Think about what in the world could possibly stop you from protecting him or her.

Think about when you’re in love. Think about all the things you will do and all the things you will sacrifice in pursuit of that love.

When things are so important to you that you feel like your life in some way depends on them, there is nothing that can stop you, there is no length to which you won’t go to get it.

And when things are not so important to you, it doesn’t take much to derail your efforts.

Maybe you’re working and you start to feel drowsy, so instead of having another cup of coffee and soldiering on, you close your eyes and sleep for eight hours.

Maybe you’re looking for the capital you need to get your business idea started, but when the bank says no and your family and friends say no, instead of devising another plan to get the money you need, you write off the idea as an impossible dream.

Along the way to achieving anything, there will be many many many obstacles that can stop you from getting there — if you let them.

Simply remember that there isn’t one problem that needs solving on the road to success. There are many, some of which you won’t foresee before you encounter them. Go into it expecting problems, many problems, to come your way, but be determined to overcome them, one by one, whatever it takes.

And where does that resolve come from? It comes from how important what you’re working toward is to you. It’s so important to you that you feel like it’s your only chance at happiness, your only chance at survival, your only chance — period.

When you’re faced with a challenge that you haven’t been able to overcome despite your best efforts, pause, remind yourself of how essential this thing is that you’re doing, and attack the problem again with a determination that nothing can withstand.

If you’ve been knocking and no one will open the door, knock the door down.

If you’ve been asking and no one is giving, go out and earn what you need.

If you’ve asked a hundred people and a hundred people have said no, ask a hundred more or however many it takes until you find the one that says yes.

Never quit. Never give up. Never let anything stop you. Because you want it that damn badly!!

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