You’ll Never Find Happiness Where You’re Looking For It

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Happiness is where we find it, but very rarely where we seek it.” — Jean Antoine Petit-Senn, French poet

Some of us want to be rich, others famous, and still others powerful. But what we all have in common is the reason we want what we want — we all want to be happy, and we believe that thing, whatever it is, if we can only get it, will make us happy forever.

The problem is that we end up looking for happiness in the wrong places. And that’s because we look at the things that make us happy for a short time and think there must be something like it, only better, that can make us happy for a very long time. So we take things that are temporary and try to put our own ideas of permanence to them.

Whenever we try and make reality match our ideas instead of matching our ideas to reality, guess what the result is? Frustration and unhappiness.

Life isn’t nearly as complicated as we make it. And it isn’t nearly as unfair as we think it is. There are people and things around us every day and in just about every place that make us happy. Instead of looking for something better because those things don’t last long enough, treasure them for that very reason.

Ultimately, it isn’t one thing that makes for a happy life. It’s the many small, temporary happinesses that in total form a life full of blessing that we have been given. Enjoy them for everything they’re worth, because your life, like those happinesses, isn’t going to last forever.

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