Fashion Designer Femi Adeyemi Releases Rainy/Harmattan Collection

Rainy 1The latest fashion trend in Nigeria is clothing designed specifically for the Harmattan or Rainy Season. The shirts extend to about mid-thigh and the pants are rolled up to avoid rising water. The clothing is as functional as it is stylish.

Menswear label Fem Toys unveiled its Rainy/Harmattan collection for 2015, called Geometry By Toys. The collection showcases the Harmattan style in a variety of bold colours, further accentuated by unique designs.

Head designer Femi Adeyemi said about the collection:

Sequel to the success of the brand’s polka and floral collections, there was a need to amalgamate patterns, hence the need for Geometry.

Geometry comes from the shapes, circles and polygons used in the designs, which also include zztec, paisley, floral and spiral prints.

See the collection here.

Rainy 2

Rainy 3

Rainy 4

Rainy 5

Rainy 6

 Rainy 7

Rainy 8

Rainy 9

Rainy 10

Rainy 11

Rainy 12

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