Courage Isn’t Something You’re Born With — It’s Learned


Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear — not absence of fear.” — Mark Twain, author

There’s nothing wrong with being afraid. In fact, fear is one of your greatest assets, because it shows you what you need to do. And what you need to do is always to muster the courage to face and conquer your fear.

Now, courage isn’t something you’re born with. Bravery that you don’t have to work on is merely an absence of fear, and that blind ambition is just as likely to cause you great failure as it is success.

Fear shows you what you need to pay attention to, what will hurt you if you don’t, and what needs to be overcome in order to progress. Courage is what allows you to then do what you need to do.

Unfortunately, courage isn’t something you can simply summon because you need it — at least, not initially. To begin, you need to learn how to apply the right proportion of fear and discretion to make the right choices. You do that by figuring out why you are scared. Once you have a full understanding of the problem, you can then intelligently plot a course of action to solve it. And as you’ll find, more often than not, your lack of courage is merely a lack of understanding. Increase your knowledge and awareness, and you will increase your level of courage.

Then do it what you need to do. And like anything you’re trying to make stronger or easier, repetition is the key. Once you make a habit of conquering your fear, you’ll find that fear isn’t something that should prevent you from succeeding; in fact, fear is what should be pointing you in the direction to get there.

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