Our Whole Society Is Rotten To The Core — Retired Judge Henrietta Abban

Court 22

Retired Appeals Court judge Justice Henrietta Abban could not control herself when she addressed a church gathering Tuesday on the ongoing corruption scandal that has rocked Ghana’s judiciary.

The retired judge, who regretted that such a scandal could befall the institution she served for years, lamented:

“Our whole society is rotten to the core. It goes down, down and there is no one doing things right.”

With tears in her eyes, she bemoaned the disastrous consequences that she expects will arise if people continue to disregard God’s word in the names of greed, selfishness, deceit, lies and corruption, sins she sees not just in the highest places like the judiciary but in all places in Ghanaian society, even the lowest stations.

In her view, Ghana’s only hope lies in focusing on God and faithfully living in accordance with His word, practicing what we preach instead of merely giving lip service to it. And though we all need to do that in our own lives, she sees a need at the top for “the right kind of faithful leaders who have compassion for the nation.”

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