Ghana Hajj Board Urges Calm While Details On Loved Ones In Mecca Are Confirmed


The Ghana Hajj Board urged family members in Ghana to remain calm while they ascertain the whereabouts and condition of their loved ones on pilgrimage in Mecca after yesterday’s stampede that killed 717.

Earlier reports from the Board stated that some Ghanaians were missing, though none have yet been identified as victims.

Chairman of the board, Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko Abdul Rauf, said that at this time nothing can be ruled out but that everything is being done to get information as quickly as possible to give distraught family members back home peace of mind.

In addition to the confirmed dead, another 863 people were injured in what is the deadliest incident in the last 25 years of the annual pilgrimage.

Mohammed Amin Lamptey, deputy director of communications for the board, said:

 The reports given by the Saudi security agencies reveal only Nigerians, Senegalese, Guineans, but they never mentioned Ghana, so for now we cannot say that Ghanaians are involved in the accident.”

The head of Saudi Arabia’s central Hajj committee has put the blame for the stampede on “some pilgrims with African Nationalities.”



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