Let’s Be Reasonable In Our Dealings With Others


“Slander no one, be peaceable and considerate, and always be gentle toward everyone.”  Titus 3:2

On of the most difficult problems to figure out is how to be true to God while living in a world ruled by wickedness.  If you aren’t careful, the conflict you will be perpetually engaged in will turn your good intentions bad and lead you into frustration, which is the gateway to darkness.

Instead, look to the example of Jesus.  Be gentle toward everyone, even those who are violating God’s law, even those who would do you harm.  It is more profitable for your soul to walk away from a fight than to engage in one, even when your position is right.

To that end, refrain from talking bad about other people, because even if your words are true, it will lead to animosity.  Avoid quarrels and debates about what is right and wrong.  You know in your heart what is God’s law — live according to it as best you can in a social and political system that isn’t necessarily as concerned with God’s law as it is that of Man.

And of course, like Jesus, be kind and gentle in your dealings with others.  There will be times when you must swallow your pride and allow someone to believe they have won over you, but in fact, you win a much greater victory by backing down in that you retain mastery of your emotions and your emotional equilibrium.

Do these things, and you will keep your focus where it should be, on the Lord, rather than in conflict with the world around you.

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