Men Don’t See A Wife In Light-Skinned Girls — Juliet Ibrahim


Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim doesn’t believe in the perception that light-skinned or mixed race people have an advantage over dark-skinned people.  Thus she doesn’t believe her own light complexion had anything to do with her rise to fame as one of the top actresses in Ghana.  On the contrary, she put forward her belief that fair-skinned women are quick to be used and dumped by men.

In an interview with This Day Live, she said:

Being mixed race has drawbacks in a wider context, too. What people refuse to see is that when you’re mixed race you don’t have everything come easy to you.  I have that issue with guys. They think you’re so pretty and attractive, you’re always going to have other guys come around you and you can never be trusted.  You can never be in a serious relationship.”

She continued to explain that for this reason men don’t see light-skinned women as marriage material but only as something to be showed off for a time and then discarded.

Men have that mentality, they just use you for a period of time to show off but when it comes to making you a wife, it’s a problem.  And I have a lot of mixed race friends that go through the same problem.”

On whether her skin colour has ever been helpful, she said:

No. No, I don’t think so. Because of my complexion, I’ve suffered a lot. If I have a role to play, say the lead character’s parents are black, they’ll tell me because I’m mixed race, I can’t play the role, I have to play the friend of the lead character and they’ll bring a dark-skinned girl to play the same role.  So the complexion doesn’t do anything different for you. I go through a lot of issues, as well, but I don’t let my complexion be the major thing. It’s my talent that will speak for me at the end of the day.”

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