I Won’t Replace Choirmaster — D. Cryme


A few weeks ago, Praye Tintin and Cartel Big J announced their reunion as Praye. To complete their number, they appealed to former leading member of Praye, Choirmaster, to join them.

Unfortunately, Choirmaster recently signed a contract with Blue Rose Entertainment as a solo artiste for five years, so he says reuniting with his former bandmates isn’t possible.

Following the news, Reggie Rockstone recommended that Kill Me Shy hit maker D.Cryme would be a perfect replacement for Choirmaster.

However, speaking on Radio Univers on Monday, November 23, D.Cryme said he’s thankful that Reggie would bring up his name, but he’s not interested, simply because he has no intention of being anything other than a solo artiste.

Apparently assuming there’s more to the story of Choirmaster not returning to the band than simply a contract issue, D. Cryme said Praye Tintin and Cartel Big J should continue trying to talk Choirmaster into joining them. He said the group used to produce good songs, so they should settle their differences for all three to be reunited.

Talking about his own solo artiste status, he explained:

 For me to be recommended, I keep saying that it is a blessing. One thing I also want to say now is that I have been a solo artiste since most people knew me. For now, everything that I plan or write is solely based on me being a solo artiste. In most cases, solo artistes who want to upgrade do not want anyone to join them. People who always start with solo mind go with solo mind. Sometimes you guys can merge and do a collabo. The best thing we can do like a group is to do a collabo. I will be super ready to have collaboration with them, but I don’t see me being part of the group.”



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