Morning News Roundup For Thursday, November 26, 2015


Power crisis to improve next week.

The 4-year-long power crisis will dramatically improve next week, assured the Chief Executive of the Ghana Gas Company, Dr. George Sipa Yankey.

  • He said as a result of steps taken by Government to resolve the crisis, the Aboadze plant will in the coming days start generating an additional 900 megawatts of power.
  • Yankey’s assurance comes on the back of the recent war of words in the media that’s erupted between the gas company and the Power Ministry, which are blaming each other for the worsening power crisis.
  • He said this blame game has blurred the great efforts both institutions have made to resolve the power crisis. He said that he and President Mahama have been working day and night.
  • He admitted that with $100 million in unpaid debts to Ghana Gas and another $150 million in debt to the West Africa Gas Pipeline company, resolving the power crisis has been a challenge, but all that is about to end in the coming week, he promised.
  • Of course this isn’t the first promise a government appointee has made that dumsor will end and by a certain date. Whether they have figured out a solution to dumsor yet or not, you’d think they would have figured out by now to stop making promises that make them look like fools at best and liars at worst when they aren’t fulfilled.
  • For his part, Power Minister Dr. Kwabena Donkor, who promised in March to resign if dumsor wasn’t solved by the end of the year, has lately started shifting the goal post in an effort to prepare people for continued dumsor.

Red 1

NPP to go red on Friday over “state orchestrated” raid.

The NPP will protest what they describe as a government-orchestrated raid at its party headquarters by wearing red and black this Friday.

  • A circular released Wednesday encouraged party members, supporters and lovers of democracy to join in expressing outrage over a recent attack on their party office, which ended in the destruction of party property to the tune of GH₵28,000.
  • The NPP headquarters in Asylum Down was raided by faceless persons dressed in military and police attire during the early hours of Monday. Eleven suspects were arrested in connection with the crime, all of whom were then granted bail.
  • The NPP suspects the raid was orchestrated by Government using a few disgruntled members of the NPP as cover.
  • They are calling on all Ghanaians who want to “protect our democracy” to mark the #RedFriday by wearing red armbands.
  • “An attack on the opposition is an attack on democracy,” the statement said. “Show solidarity. Wear #RedFriday.”



Power barge enters Ghana waters today.

The much-anticipated power barge from Turkey is expected to enter Ghanaian territorial waters today.

  • Reports say the barge is heading towards the Tema Port and will dock there on Saturday, with an expected arrival time of 8 am.


  • President Mahama will formally inspect and inaugurate the barge within 10 days of its arrival.

The 225 megawatt capacity barge is expected to improve the worsening power crisis as it comes online.

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