Powership Won’t End Dumsor, May Not Even Help — Amin Adam

Power barge

The executive director of the Africa Centre for Energy Policy, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, is urging caution on the side of Government and Ghanaians in heralding the arrival of the Karpower barge.

The powership, which arrived from Turkey on Saturday, is expected to add some 225 megawatts of power to the national grid.

During elaborate celebrations Sunday to welcome it, Energy Minister Dr. Kwabena Donkor noted that while the power barge was going to add to the country’s energy mix, it wouldn’t be able to solve Ghana’s power problems alone.

Meanwhile, the minister is not the only one who wants to celebrate on the side of caution.

On Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Monday, Amin Adam also urged Ghanaians to temper their excitement, reiterating that the power barge is not a magic wand that will put an end to the 4-year-long power crisis.

He went on to say that the Lebanese government had a problem with their energy barge, contracted from Karadeniz Energy Services, the company that makes the barges. Just a few months into operation, 9 out of the powership’s 11 turbines broke down.

Eventually the contract was terminated after persistent dissatisfactory performance, he added.

Not only would a broken down ship or an ended contract not end dumsor, it wouldn’t even contribute to ending it.

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