Isaac: Always Submit To God’s Will


On more than one occasion, Isaac demonstrated an almost illogical willingness to submit to God’s will.

As a boy, he accompanied his father to a place where God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son, and Isaac was willing to die so that the Lord’s will would be done.

Then when he had two sons of his own and the younger son Jacob manipulated his brother Esau into selling him his birthright, then tricked Isaac into giving him the blessing reserved for the eldest son, Jacob accepted it as God’s will, though Esau was his favourite. (Genesis 25, 27)

On the surface, Isaac’s willingness to follow what he believed to be the Lord’s will seemed to the point of being considered crazy. But what Isaac knew, what his father Abraham had learned before him, and what we must learn is that the Lord’s ways are not necessarily our ways. The fact that we cannot comprehend why God does things a certain way does not mean that the plan is flawed, only that we cannot see it in its entirety for it to make sense to us.

Therefore, understanding that we have a very limited understanding of life and the universe, it is imperative that we follow God’s will, even when it seems illogical, even when doing so makes us appear crazy.

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