Morning News Roundup For Thursday,[ December 24, 2015


Transport minister resigns over bus rebranding controversy.

Transport minister Dzifa Attivor resigned her position over the controversial rebranding of 116 Metro Mass Transit buses which cost the nation some GH₵3.6 million, a figure some claim to be inflated by more than 300%.

  • A statement issued by her aid, Egypt Kudoto, Wednesday said the minister tendered her resignation to the presidency Tuesday.
  • “ Mrs. Dzifa Attivor tendered-in her resignation as minister due to the current issues surrounding the branding of the 116 buses,” the statement read.
  • The Flagstaff House issued a statement merely acknowledging the president’s receipt of Attivor’s resignation.


Parliament overrides minority vote, approves Terkper’s controversial Eurobond.

Parliament on Wednesday approved finance minster Seth Terkper’s new $1 billion Eurobond after minority MPs had voted to block it on Tuesday.

  • 67 MPs voted against the loan as against 66 who were in support. Attempts by deputy speaker Ebo Barton Oduro to nullify the vote caused disagreement in the House and prevented the members from going on recess.
  • Oduro cited a constitutional provision which showed the House did not have the required minimum number of MPs to vote on Tuesday, thereby rendering the vote null and void.
  • Sitting resumed Wednesday, where approval was given for Terkper to go back onto the international market to issue another Eurobond, his fifth in 2015 alone.


Christmas celebrations banned in Somalia.

The government of Somalia banned the celebration of Christmas and New Year in the Muslim-dominated country after a similar prohibition was announced by the Southeast Asian sultanate of Brunei earlier this month.

  • An official of the religious affairs ministry, Sheikh Mohamed Khayrow, said Christmas celebrations “are not in any way related to Islam” and they corrupt the country’s Muslim faith.
  • Security agencies have been directed to be on the alert to stop any such gatherings.
  • Meanwhile, foreigners have been granted the freedom to mark the holidays in their homes but have been prohibited from using hotels and other public places to do so.
  • Sheikh Nur Barud Gurhan of the Supreme Religious Council of Somalia also said the celebrations could provoke al-Shabab attacks.
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