NPA Is Practicing Fraud On People Of Ghana — KT Hammond


NPA is practicing some fraud on the people of Ghana, and I think they would have to be unmasked.” — KT Hammond

Ranking Member of Parliament’s committee on Mines and Energy, KT Hammond, accused the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) of perpetrating fraud on Ghanaians with regard to this week’s jump in fuel prices of 22 – 27%.

Parliament came out on Monday to say that their passage of the Energy Sector Levy (2015) should only have resulted in a marginal increment, implying that the NPA and Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors (CBOD) are behind the hefty price increases. The CBOD, however, maintains that its calculations in accordance with the levy are accurate.

Reinforcing Parliament’s position, Hammond said the NPA took advantage of the introduction of the levy to sneakily increase prices. He claimed that he, along with his fellow MPs, were shocked by the huge increments announced Monday.

 We [Parliament] didn’t know about it. I had no clue. As I understand it, there has been a disconnect between activities at the Ministry of Finance and those at the NPA,” Hammond said.

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