Bathsheba: Unfaithfulness Never Goes Unpunished


One evening when king David was pacing around on his roof, he saw a beautiful woman taking her bath. He sent someone to inquire of the woman, and it was reported to him that she was the daughter of Eliam and wife of Uriah, one of David’s trusted military leaders.

The fact that Bathsheba was married, and married to someone important to David, didn’t discourage his lust. He seduced Bathsheba, and in the process, he impregnated her.

Worried that her pregnancy would reveal his sin, he attempted to convince Uriah to go home and sleep with his wife, thus hoping Uriah would think himself the father. But Uriah’s commitment was to his men. So when that plan failed, David sent Uriah to certain death in battle.

In matters of infidelity, we often tend to blame either the man or the woman, depending on our relationship to or feelings about the people involved. But make no mistake, it takes two to tango, as they say.

Though the bible discusses at length how God called out David for his sin, it makes no mention of Bathsheba being punished in any way for her part in it. And surely her part was just as great as David’s. She could have been resolute in her marital vows and respectfully refused the king; after all, that’s exactly what her husband did when he refused to accept David’s suggestion to leave the men and go home to be with his wife.

More than likely, Bathsheba was seduced by the power and prestige of David, which proved the love for her husband to be lukewarm and her love for God to be even cooler. Was the death of Uriah punishment enough for her infidelity? Was her relegation to being just another of David’s wives after he made an “honest woman” of her punishment enough?

Bathsheba lived out the better part of her life loveless and with a guilty conscience haunting her. Her hell began long before she ever took her last breath. So whether you blame one person more than the other in an instance of infidelity, rest assured they will both receive their just punishments for it, whether you see those punishments or not.

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