Gun Down Cows Directed At You — Police Commander In Charge Of Evicting Fulani Herdsmen


I don’t want you to come with one of you missing. You are not by this directed to fire indiscriminately, but my instruction is that you have every right to defend yourself when you come under attack. And my instruction is that: Gun down the cows who will be directed to you.” — DCOP Awuntubuge Awuni

The Eastern Regional police commander gave this directive to security personnel who tasked to rid the region of Fulani herdsmen and their cows.

“Operation Cow Leg” was launched Monday with 120 personnel drawn from the military, police and immigration services.

As they discharge their mandate, their order is to shoot and kill animals directed at them by recalcitrant nomads.

The action has been necessitated by recent clashes between Fulani herdsmen in the region and indigenes, set off by the murder of a young indigene farmer by the herdsmen, which would have escalated further had security personnel not intervened.

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