Nigerian Fashion Label Adéy Soile Releases Transcendent Collection


Nigerian fashion label Adéy Soile released its new Transcendent Collection. The designs are intended for working women who want to be stylish yet need to look professional.

The collection features dresses that highlight the feminine shape without any hitch.  Some colours are toned down for the more conservative women, while others are bold for those unafraid to make a statement.

Fashion critics have questioned the creativity of the collection, calling it a duplication of other’s work and saying it fails to push boundaries the way the designer intended. In response, the designer explained:

I wanted to design clothing that is creative — pushing the boundaries, almost, but still very practical and timeless. Clothes that are relevant after years. Designs that transcend time. Remaining relevant to women all over the world. As is our signature, these dresses are named after women who have gone beyond ordinary limits to make a difference in the world for women altogether.”

Did Adéy Soile succeed, or are the critics right?  Check out a few of the new pieces here, then visit their website for more, and follow on Instagram @adeysoile.

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