General Stress Tip: Avoid Junk Food


Junk food tastes great, and it’s convenient.  For those two reasons we eat far more of it than we should.

Junk food is typically high in sugar and fat and almost completely lacking in nutritional value.  It makes you feel sluggish as the day wears on, it deprives the organs of the body what they need to function properly, and over the long run it encourages disease and early breakdown of the body’s system.

There are recognized dietary standards we should plan our eating around.  Time and money can make eating properly a challenge, but the consequence of not doing it makes it a challenge we must rise to.

As we often state, we typically think about stress as something caused by emotional disturbances, and while it is, it’s also caused by the body’s struggle to continue to exist.  You may be able to identify what’s triggering the emotional stress, but the body’s stress isn’t as easily understood.  Yet it’s so much easier to treat the body’s stress than the emotional.  So let’s start there and at least take care of some of the stress to make the job of reducing the rest easier.

There’s plenty you can and should learn about nutrition.  For our purpose here, we’re going to simplify it in the extreme and recommend you eat lots of fruits and vegetables and reduce carbohydrates, sugars and fats.

Just as important as proper nutrition is proper digestion. There’s also an old expression: “Eat like a king in the morning, a prince in the afternoon and a pauper in the evening.” Eat a full meal in the morning to fill your tank, replace what you’re burning with lunch midway through the day, then eater a lighter meal still for dinner, and if you’re hungry before bed, eat a very light snack.  Don’t stress your body with digestion when it should be repairing itself during sleep, and don’t allow excess calories to be turned into fat.

When your body isn’t worried about getting what it needs to function properly, it’s going to manufacture less stress hormones.  That isn’t going to take all your stress away, but it’s going to give you the room to focus on the really hard stuff — the emotional causes of your stress.

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