General Stress Tip: Laughter Is Great Medicine


Laughter is powerful medicine, and that includes alleviating the symptoms of stress.

Laughter has the obvious power to distract from what is stressing you out.  It has the power to change your mood like flipping a light switch.  But beyond that, it has actual physical benefits that make it a great treatment for stress.

When you laugh, you breathe in more air, which adds to the oxygen levels in your blood, causing your lungs, heart and muscles to work more efficiently.  Additionally, the elevated oxygen levels in the blood produce a natural high, adding to your feeling of giddiness and reducing the impact of stress on your nervous system.

As your lungs and heart work harder to deal with the extra oxygen, it corrects the irregularities in their function caused by stress.  These irregularities and the lack of oxygen and proper blood circulation are largely responsible for the physical feelings of stress you experience.

After a stressful day, indulge in laughter.  Watch a comedy programme on TV, hang out with friends who have a knack for making you laugh, or change the mood at home by encouraging conversation with your family about the lighter sides of life.

The more stressed you are, the more it might take to get you to laugh, but don’t give up.  Do whatever you can to change your mood before you go to bed.  Don’t allow a restless night’s sleep to add to your stress the next day.

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