Ghana’s Challenge Is Poisonous Environment – Pastor Mensa-Otabil


“The challenge for nation like Ghana is not the challenge of talented citizens. It is the challenge of a poisonous environment. An environment that has been poisoned by ordinariness, by mediocrity and sometimes by a clear agenda to destroy talents.” — Pastor Mensa-Otabil

The head pastor of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) said this while addressing a group of young Ghanaians at the 2016 Spring Board Road Show.

According to Otabil, the Ghanaian environment is so suffocating it buries the dreams of its people and destroys businesses. He said many Ghanaians have become bad citizens because of the poisonous environment which is full of ordinariness, mediocrity and sometimes a clear agenda to destroy talents.

He is pained that a country blessed with so much quality in the arts and entertainment, as well as sports and other fields, only sees its talented individuals realise their full potential when they venture outside the shores of Ghana.

“Do you think if Michael Essien had continued playing in the Ghana league we will call his name? No! Is he talented? Yes!”

“A person can be so good, but if planted in a wrong environment, he will be so bad,” the preacher reasoned.

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