Nigerian Fashion Label Fruché Releases Spring/Summer Collection ‘Nkeiruka’


Nigerian fashion label Fruché released its 2016 Spring/Summer collection called Nkeiruka. The designer drew inspiration from the neverending human search for happiness.

The collection was named for designer Frank Aghuno’s mother, Lilian Nkeiruka Aghuno. Nkeiruka is an Igbo word that means “what is to come is greater” and can signify the rainbow. Aghuno thus incorporated the colours of the rainbow into the pieces to project happiness.

The designer was also inspired by the 1960’s Hollywood thriller Psycho, in which Anthony Perkins character Norman Bates, a homicidal schizophrenic, says, “A boy’s best friend is his mother.”

Aghuno had this to say about the collection:

My mother was a fashion designer back in the day, and I have watched her all my life. I would sneak pieces of fabric from her work area into my room and create things that nobody could really even wear and put them on my sister, Nkem. After a while she saw me doing this and randomly started giving me her Ankara head-ties to make whatever it was I wanted to create. My mother is one of my biggest sources of inspiration and happiness. She helped a lot with me juggling creating this collection for Lagos Fashion and Design Week and my final exams. Lagos Fashion and Design Week has done a lot for the brand and myself through the fashion focus program as well as Fayrouz, and I’m forever grateful. My journey has just begun. I have a whole lot more to learn. I see growth and that of course makes me very happy.

Nkeiruka was also inspired by ’70s fashion styles, including flared pants and sleeves, shorts and tanks, culottes and short skirts.

It also features high slits (a Fruché signature) fused into Swarovski crystal applique, strong androgynous vibe with collars and sleek pants for women and organza jacquard shirts and high-waist pants for men.

Check out some of the pieces here, and follow the label on Twitter @TheFrucheBrand.






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