Morning News Roundup For Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Turkey pledges to help Ghana fight terrorism.

While addressing Parliament on Tuesday as part of his two-day visit to Ghana, Turkish President Racipp Tayyib Erdogan assured Ghanaians that his country stands ready to help in the battle against terrorism, whether as preventive action or defensive should extremist groups in the subregion decide to turn their attention on Ghana.

  • According to Erdogan, the United Nations (UN) has failed to protect the world from the activities of terrorists.  He accused the organisation of concentrating on permanent Security Council members whose decisions aren’t guided by the best interests of small nations like Ghana.
  • Erdogan pointed out that as the activities of Boko Haram and other terrorist organisations gain ground in the region, it is time to reform the UN Security Council.
  • He said his country, with its experience in combating terrorism, can contribute tremendously to establishing global peace and stability.
  • “In the entirety of counter-terrorism platforms, Turkey is an influential and active figure. I would like to vocalise this fact to the Ghanaian Parliament and to the rest of the world, in order to combat terrorism,” he stated.
  • Recent attacks by Islamist militants on a Burkina Faso hotel and the activities of Boko Haram in Nigeria have prompted security analysts to warn Ghana that she must remain on high alert.


Court dismisses mental assessment request by lawyer for Danquah’s killer.

A magistrate court in Accra refused a mental assessment request by the lawyer representing the 19-year-old who allegedly murdered the Member of Parliament (MP) for Abuakwa, JB Danquah.

  • Lawyer Augustine Obour, who appeared on behalf of the suspect, Daniel Asiedu, for the first time, said after a brief interaction with him he realised his client needed psychiatric examination.
  • Counsel for the suspect did not give further explanation of his request, but was sure a report on his mental health condition would help in the trial.
  • But presiding judge Steven Owusu, in a move certain to bring condemnation from international human rights groups, dismissed the request after personally engaging the suspect and deeming him mentally fit.
  • The case has been adjourned to March 14, 2016.


Ghost ship washes ashore in Aflao.

An apparently abandoned cargo ship washed ashore on the coast of Aflao in the Volta Region late Tuesday morning.

  • The ship, which carried the inscription “Barca Lome,” was brought to shore by tidal waves resulting from heavy downpours in the region.
  • Residents reported no signs of people on board the ship, which was about 100 metres away from the beach.
  • It is currently unknown where the ship is from or where it was headed.
  • At the time of reporting, officials of the Ghana Navy and other security personnel had not been at the scene to assess the situation.
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