Abraham Attah Expresses Gratitude To ‘Beasts’ Director Cary Fukunaga


In every success story, there are three elements — talent, opportunity and hard work.  Sometimes one of those isn’t particularly great but by strengthening the other two it makes up for it.

There has been much discussion of late as to what the difference is between 15-year-old Abraham Attah, winner of international awards for his part in the movie Beasts of No Nation, and the many other Ghanaian actors who struggle, work hard, but don’t achieve any real success, certainly not outside of Ghana the way that Abraham has.

In his case, he didn’t set out to be an actor.  An opportunity presented itself when the casting director visited his school and thought he fit the part.  But the opportunity didn’t win him any awards.  Opportunity isn’t why people continue to talk about him throughout the world.  It was the hard work he put into playing the role, and it was the natural talent he had for acting.

Not just Ghana but the world is full of talented people who never get opportunities, and even more, is full of hard workers who simply don’t have the talent to do as well as they dream they can.  In Abraham, all three came together in one perfect alignment of the stars.

For giving him the opportunity, Abraham took to his Instagram page and thanked Beasts director Cary Fukunaga.  Even at 15, even coming from Ashaiman, Abraham realizes that the opportunity wasn’t enough, and he thanked the movie’s director for both the opportunity and the direction he gave him to help him develop the talent he was born with.

Abraham didn’t waste his opportunity.  And no matter what anyone says or why they say it, they can never take away from him what at such a young age he has already accomplished.

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