Morning News Roundup For Thursday, March 3, 2016


Charles Antwis ‘MadnessMade Him Feel He Could Be President — Chief Phychiatrist

Charles Antwi, the young man who confessed in court to plotting to assassinate President Mahama in July last year, felt so grand he thought he could be president too, according to chief psychiatrist Dr. Akwasi Osei.

  • Antwi has been in the care of experts at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital after he was hurriedly sentenced to 10-years in prison by a lower court last year after his unexpected admission of a plot to kill the president when standing before the court for a weapon possession violation.
  • The unexpected confession, along with other confessions of plots to overthrow the government dating back years, immediately raised questions about Antwi’s mental health.
  • According to Osei, Antwi was unwell at the time he made an attempt on the president’s life (an attempt that amounted to being at Mahama’s church with a gun on a Sunday when the president and his family were not in attendance), and “his illness made him feel so big and so grand that he thought he was supposed to be President.”
  • He said Antwi is not doing well and that a detailed assessment of his mental state will be considered in court in a month when it is decided whether or not he should be held responsible for his actions.


Traders threaten to extend tax strike.

Traders across Ghana who closed down their shops to protest recent increases in taxes said they are considering extending their strike unless Government heeds their demands to review the current tax regime.

  • The planned three-day strike was to end Wednesday.
  • The strike was organized by the Ghana Union of Traders Association, Food and Beverages Importers Association, Ghana Automobile Distributors Association, Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana, Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders, Freight Forwarders Association and the Customs Brokers Association of Ghana, all coming together under the umbrella moniker Joint Private Business Consultative Forum in a bid to strengthen their efforts to get Government’s attention.
  • Among the unions’ demands are an end to tax stamps, a 2% special import tax and a review of the ECOWAS CET tariff.


new3Nigeria police search for three kidnapped school girls.

Police in Nigeria are conducting a search for three teenage girls abducted from their boarding school by heavily armed men on the outskirts of Lagos.

  • The girls were in a private co-educational secondary school when the incident happened Monday evening.
  • This is the first time a school in the city has been attacked by gunmen, although kidnappings for ransom occasionally occur.
  • There are no demands yet from the abductors.
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