Celebrating Independence Day Is Meaningless — Gyedu Blay Ambolley


In just three days, Ghana will be celebrating Independence Day. On March 6, 1957, the battle to free Ghana from colonial rule was finally won, a day more than any other that changed the way of life and the development of society in Ghana.  The day marking its anniversary has, for obvious reasons, a special place in the hearts of most Ghanaians.

But music icon Gyedu Blay Ambolley has a different view on Independence Day. He thinks celebrating the day is of no benefit because there’s nothing worth celebrating.

In an interview with Starr FM, Ambolley said:

 If we want to celebrate it, then we need something to celebrate about. It mustn’t be that we had independence and the time is up and we just repeatedly do the same thing over and over.  We need to have something to let the children know what is coming and what was there before.”

 I don’t think that we need to celebrate it. I think that we really need to sit down and analyse why we are in this kind of predicament so that we can be able to put the broken things together and move forward together.”

“ The way we do it, it is like two children and everyone saying I can do it better than you — your time you did this and I can do this. But if we want to build a country, it must be all hands on deck, and if it doesn’t happen that way then our children will suffer.”

Ambolley’s Independence Day message was one of unity, but because it acknowledges problems in the country, it will be categorized by some as being a pro-opposition party view.  And that is exactly what Ambolley is saying needs to change in order for us ever as a people to start achieving on our potential by working together.




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