Morning News Roundup For Friday, March 4, 2016


More taxes proposed to save health sector.

Chairman of the Health Committee of Parliament, Joseph Yileh Chireh, is proposing more taxes to fill the funding gap that will be created as the Danish government withdraws its financial support for Ghana’s health sector.

  • On Thursday, the Danish government announced the end of its 22-year donor support to Ghana.
  • The decision comes at a time when the health ministry’s budget has been drasically cut. The coalition of NGOs has warned that immunization programmes and the battles against HIV and tuberculosis fight will be impacted by the lack of funding.
  • While speaking on Multi Tv’s Pulse programme, Chireh pointed to the mining and timber companies as targets for his proposed new taxes.


Korle Bu shuts eye clinic over excessive heat.

The Korle Bu Teaching Hospital will close its eye centre on Monday, March 7.

  • A statement announcing the closure said the measure has been necessitated by the detection of defects in the building.
  • It explained that the facility generates a lot of heat due to poor ventilation systems in the building, which makes the place unsafe for both staff and patients.
  • “The physical structure has sliding windows, glass and tight wooden doors and other bigger glasses on the various openings of the building,” the statement explained.
  • It went on to say that the comfort cooling system (air extractor) does not function properly, and the central air conditioner only serves the theatre, though that is out of use.
  • Due to the rising temperatures, the statement said, using standing fans donated by a benefactor have failed to alone provide the necessary relief from the heat.
  • Authorities have therefore closed the facility until a proper cooling system can be installed.
  • The facility was built through a public-private partnership between the Lions Club International, Moorefield Eye Hospital in the UK and the government of Ghana.


Sam Korankye Ankrah blames media for linking pastors with political parties.

The media is responsible for aligning pastors and preachers in Ghana with particular political parties, alleged the Apostle General of the Royal House Chapel International, Sam Korankye Ankrah.

  • Ankrah said the media paints preachers in a bad light when they sensationalise statements made by them.
  • Pastors in Ghana have been linked with either the government or the opposition depending on their public statements.
  • One such preacher notoriously linked to the opposition because of his pronouncements is Pastor Mensa Otabil, who recently said Ghana’s poisoned environment makes it difficult for its people to prosper.
  • Speaking on Starr Chat Wednesday, Ankrah said, “Our nation is so polarized that the media is polarized as well. I think you journalists must help us. Your reportage must be fair and balanced and don’t create the impression that this preacher speaks for this political party, he’s a friend to this person. It’s not helpful.”
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