Trust in God, Not Each Other


“Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the Lord.”  Jeremiah 17:5

Remember the Tower of Babel? (Genesis 11:1-9)

Since the day man was created, God has been trying to keep us from using the intellect he blessed us with.  First, in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were told they could eat the fruit of any tree except the tree of knowledge.  God feared that if they ate from that tree humans would know as much as God about what is good and what is evil. (Genesis 2:17)  Of course, Even then Adam ate from the tree, thus allowing sin to enter our world and getting Adam and Eve banished from the garden.

Later, after the flood, a group of people with a single language were migrating from the east when they decided to set up a city and build a tower that would touch the sky so as not to become lost.  The Lord saw what man was capable of when he worked together, so He struck down the tower and scattered the people, giving each group a different language so they could no longer understand each other.  The tower came to be known as the Tower of Babel, for from it people were confused in their speech.

That kept man from using the full potential of his intellect for a while, but after thousands of years, we eventually developed writing, methods of transportation and communication that brought our world closer together, and systems of society that worked well enough to allow us to build on ideas together.  We’ve taken that and done everything from splitting the atom to create the ultimate weapons to decoding the genetic blueprint of ourselves and our world so that the ability to create life in a particular image no longer belongs to God alone.

It’s no coincidence that with our increased use of our intellect that we grow and further further from the Lord.  Like any child/parent relationship, the love begins based on need.  Children need their parents to survive, so they love them.  But as children grow and need their parents less, they start to look for love elsewhere, with other children.

Yet smart as all children are, they lack the experience of parents, thus they cannot advise each other with wisdom, and mistakes inevitably send children running back to their parents, who usually accept them back with open arms because nothing could diminish the love the parent has for the child.

God has never wanted us to use our full intellect because He knows we don’t know how to use it responsibly so we don’t end up hurting ourselves with it, and He doesn’t want to lose the close relationship He first has with us when we constantly call on Him for His help.

Ultimately, it is God alone who always has our best interests at heart.  It is God alone who has the experience and the wisdom to guide us in the right direction.  When the arrogance of our human intellects creates separation between us and God and causes us to arrogantly believe we don’t need Him anymore, mistakes ensue, mistakes that usually end in massive death here on Earth, and more so, massive death of our eternal souls.

Blessed are those of us who give God the credit for the intelligence that we have but who depend on the Lord’s guidance to know what to do with it.  Not only do they inherit the Earth because of what they do, they inherit the kingdom of heaven because of how they love the Father.

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