Stonebwoy Tells Assures His Fans He’ll Be ’s Going To Stop Limping-Free In Three Months


In 2000, dancehall artiste Stonebwoy was involved in a car accident on the Tema Motorway that claimed the life of his twin brother and left him partially disabled. Though his right knee was repaired, he walks with a noticeable limp that’s been the cause of people mocking him throughout his life.

Most recently in January, while performing on stage during the launch of Live FM, a fan jumped on stage and started imitating Stonebwoy’s limp. Feeling offended, Stonebwoy walked off the stage.

On Friday, March 4, MTN held a concert dubbed MTN Pulse Turn Up. The artistes billed on the show were Stonebwoy, Samini, Shatta Wale, Jupiter, Episode, Kaakie and MzVee. When Stonebwoy mounted the stage to perform, he unexpectedly announced to his fans that in three months time he would be a “limping-free” man.  Stonebwoy said:

 I have finished with my surgery and now I am doing physiotherapy. In the next three months I will walk normal.”


 I have been through life, I have been through accident, I have been through surgery and I have been operation. I have been through it all. That’s what we call life.


You noticed for the past weeks I wasn’t in Ghana. I went to Germany to do my leg. I want to show them that I can do it, but I love the way I live and I love the people I inspire. You see this my knee, previously it doesn’t bend but now you see it is bending. I have finished with the surgery and now I am doing physiotherapy. In the next three months I will walk normal.”


 If you see someone who is crippled, support him or her because you don’t know what happened to him or her. Today my doctor said I shouldn’t perform but flew from Germany to come perform.”

As much as his fans would wish him well in the recovery from his surgery, it’s unlikely after a 16-year-old injury that any surgery will completely remove his limp.  Whatever improvement he sees will in large part be determined by the rehabilitation process after the surgery, and the fact that he is on stage performing while the knee should be healing is not helping matters.

It’s important that Stonebwoy feels good about himself, and if he has the financial means for surgery to improve his walk, why not.  But the walk does not define him in the minds of his fans or the people that care about him.  It’s who he is and how his music resonates with people that matters.

Haters will always hate, because their disability is one of self-esteem, and no surgery has any chance of correcting that.




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