Wealth Won’t Make Your Life Worthwhile


What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” Mark 8:36

In our world, money buys the things we need.  You can’t get food or shelter or electricity or just about any of life’s essentials without it.  It’s just the way society is set up.  So naturally, people want to have money to be able to pay for these things.  And they want to have enough money so they need not worry about having enough of it to take care of themselves and their families.  And they want enough of it to enjoy the many things life has to offer which other people have found a way to get the money they need by providing.

None of that is bad.

What is bad is the unhealthy desire for money created by materialism — wanting the latest and greatest everything, wanting many things we don’t need at all, wanting things for the sake of keeping up with those around us.  Like a drug, materialism drives people to do many things they wouldn’t ordinarily for the sake of getting money for their “fix.”  Many of those things involve compromises of their ethics and morals.  Many more entail sacrificing things that are more important than money, like time spent with your family and friends, helping others, and your relationship with the Lord.

That is bad.

We have only a short time to live on this earth.  During that time, we’re auditioning for the ever after.  And by comparison, the life after death is going to last a very very long time.  But once we die, there is no second chance to make a good impression on God.  You can’t go back once you’re suffering in hell and say, God, I’m sorry, I’ll do better this time.  And you can’t get back the time you’ve wasted in pursuit of money and things, time you could have spent with the people you love.

If you imagine your life once it’s done, do you imagine feeling ok to leave it behind knowing all the things you managed to accumulate?  What difference will that make to your soul?  If not, what are the things that will matter to you?  Who are the people you will think about?  Who are the people you will miss and who you hope will miss you?  What sort of a relationship did you have with God, the one you’re counting on to throw open the gates to eternal paradise for you?

We’re all going to die, and we all know it.  But most of the time we don’t think about it.  It seems unreal until it happens or gets close to happening.

Until we fully appreciate our impending deaths, we have a difficult time getting the most out of life.

So appreciate it.  Imagine you have only a month to live.  How do you want to spend that month.  Have you told the people you love everything you want to tell them?  Have you done everything you want to do with them?  Have you made an impression on people that will last long after you’re gone?  Do you know God, and do you think He’s proud to call you one of His children because of what you’ve done with the life He gave you?

Let your answers determine how you live your life.  Don’t waste it in pursuit of material things you can’t take with you to the other side.

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