Morning News Roundup For Wednesday, March 9, 2016


ISD boss claims he saw Independence Day brochure errors before parade.

Acting director of the Information Services Department (ISD), Francis Kwarteng Arthur, now claims he saw the errors in the Independence Day brochures before the parade began but made the decision to allow it to be distributed.

  • The brochure, among other things, stated that “Ghana is strategically positioned on the equator making her the centre of the globe. And like the sun, she radiates light to all parts of the world.”


  • “The dilemma was, should the parade to ahead without the brochure, and I must state here that I took the decision that the brochure should go out and indeed the brochure went out,” Kwarteng said.


  • This new acceptance of responsibility from Kwarteng comes after he first accepted full responsibility for producing the brochure, which staff of the ISD immediately protested, pointing out that their department had nothing to do with the writing or printing of the brochure, that it came from Flagstaff House.


  • Meanwhile more and more people are calling for Kwarteng’s dismissal, including Dr. Bright Akwetey of the Institute of Democratic Governance (IDEG), first when it was believed he and his department were behind a brochure that made Ghana look foolish in the eyes of foreign dignitaries present at the event and now that it’s obvious he’s trying to take the blame for the people really responsible for it.




Pentecostal Council lashes out at ‘charlatanObinim.

A genuine minister of God cannot spew foul language against a person, said the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), in response to Bishop Obinim’s verbal attack on Sam Korankye Ankrah.

  • Obinim, head pastor of the International Godsway Church, referred to the apostle general of the Royal House Chapel as a ‘fool’ and ‘fornicator.’


  • That was after Ankrah said during an interview that Obinim employs ‘magic’ in his miracles. Ankrah was reacting to claims by Obinim that he could metamorphose into animals like snakes in order to unleash terror on his enemies.


  • A statement issued by the GPCC condemned Obinim as a ‘charlatan,’ saying his activities are unethical and that he must not be entertained.


  • It said Obinim abuses unsuspecting Ghanaians by taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of his congregation and the public in order to defraud and blackmail them in the name of prophecies and miracles.


  • The statement concluded, “In as much as the Council believes strongly in the biblical doctrines of prophecies and miracles, the wanton abuse and manipulations of the sound doctrines by these few charlatans for their egocentric interests ought to be exposed and condemned.”



MTN fueled Boko Haram insurgency — Nigerias Buhari

Speaking at a joint press conference with South African president Jacob Zumah, who is in Nigeria on a State visit, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari accused mobile phone giant MTN of enabling the Boko Haram insurgency by failing to disconnect their unregistered sim cards.


  • One of the reasons for Zuma’s visit is a $3.4 billion fine imposed on the South African communication giant for missing a deadline to disconnect cards.


  • Buhari told Zuma, “You know how the unregistered [sim cards] are being used by terrorists,” to coordinate their attacks which have killed at least 10,000 Nigerians.


  • He maintains that by missing a mid-2015 deadline to register all sim cards, MTN contributed to the casualties.
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