General Stress Tip: Stop Trying To Be Perfect


Of course there’s nothing wrong with always doing your best, but when it becomes an either-or proposition, either you’re the best and your work is perfect or you’ve failed, that’s when it becomes a problem.

These people are called perfectionists.  They can’t be happy with a B grade.  They can’t even be happy with an A grade.  They need a perfect score, or they need to be the highest ranked in their class.  Nothing short of that will do.  And the very prospect of not getting that perfect grade or being the best causes them untold amounts of stress.

If that sounds like you, you need to make a change.  Not only because stress is taking years off your life but because you’re trying so hard you’re missing out on the things that contribute the most to your growth — mistakes.

Anyone who told you that mistakes are bad lied to you.  You cannot get better at something unless you make mistakes to learn from.  And no one starts out perfect.

Making mistakes does not make you a failure.  Not learning from them so that you repeat them does.  Giving up because you make them does.

Like the American president Teddy Roosevelt said:

 There is no such thing as failure, only varying degrees of success.”

Celebrate your victories, no matter how small, and celebrate the fact that you’re alive and growing.  Whether you’re a plant, an animal or a person, strip everything away and there’s nothing better you can hope for.



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