Morning News Roundup For Thursday, March 10, 2016


Government sacks ISD acting director.

The acting director of the Information Services Department (ISD), Mr. Francis Kwarteng Arthur, was sacked.

  • The dismissal of the embattled director was announced in a brief statement released by the Communications Ministry Wednesday.


  • Arthur has been in the news this week for all the wrong reasons. People have been calling for him to be sacked since he accepted responsibility on behalf of the ISD for the error-ridden Independence Day brochure. It was later revealed that the ISD had nothing to do with the brochure, which leaves open the question of who exactly was and for what reason Arthur was sacked, other than attempting to accept responsibility for someone else’s mistakes and bringing further embarrassment to Ghana in the process.


  • The statement relieving him of his duties was signed by Chief of Staff Julius Debrah.


  • It said government communications has been restructured. Thus the Ministry of Communications assumes responsibility for the Flagstaff House Communications Bureau.



Palmer-Buckle cautions Christians on voting.

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra, Most Rev. Charles Palmer-Buckle, advised Christians to be careful listeners of the campaign messages of politicians and vote for those who they believe have the ability to develop the nation.

  • Buckle made the comments in an interview with Daily Guide after speaking in Takoradi to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Knights of St. John International of the Star of the Sea Catholic Church and the launch of its Jubilee Charity project.


  • Christians, he said, should let the holy spirit direct them in their choices, a choice not based on tribe or party but the candidate’s ability to deliver on the promises he makes.



GJA fumes over treatment 0f “tipper truck journalists.”

The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) is angry over what they describe as “demeaning and crude” treatment of local journalists at Ghana’s 59th Independence Anniversary parade.

  • Local photojournalists were packed in a tipper truck to enable them to get a higher perspective for shots and videos of the president while he inspected the parade and lighted the perpetual flame.


  • The single riser in place was not nearly large enough to accommodate all the photojournalists, hence the need for the tipper truck. After photos of the journalists in the tipper truck went viral on social media, the GJA said it was disappointed and embarrassed for the country.


  • A statement signed by its general secretary Dave Agbenu registered “strong reservations with the authorities who were in charge of media relations at the parade.”


  • We unequivocally condemn the way photojournalists were made to climb the bucket of a tipper truck with a monkey ladder. The rough arrangement was carried out in the full glare of our foreign guests, smacking a lack of respect for local media persons.”


  • The association said it will henceforth “resist any such arrangement they consider a danger to their life and inimical to their operations, security and safety.”

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