Rahim Banda Could Have Played Agu In ‘Beasts Of Nation’ — Bandex


Movie and music producer Ahmed Banda, also known as Bandex, is the latest to add his voice to the Abraham Attah discussions.  But Bandex brings something a little different to the table — the story of how the world almost never knew Abraham Attah.

In an interview with Kasapa FM on Saturday, March 5, Bandex said that while Abraham played the lead role of Agu in Beasts of No Nation exceptionally well, the role could have been played equally well by his own son, the talented 16-year-old Rahim Banda.

In fact, according to Bandex, Rahim auditioned for the role twice, but because of his fair complexion, the director opted to go with the darker-skinned Abraham, someone with no acting experience, over Rahim, a proven talent.

It seems unlikely the director was willing to gamble the success of the film on someone with no acting experience purely because of skin colour, but only the director can say for sure.  At any rate, Abraham got the part, killed it, and the rest is history.

With Abraham’s star burning brightly, Bandex cautioned media personalities to be careful in their reporting so they don’t sabotage his career, and he agreed with those who say Abraham should relocate to the US.

 Yes, Abraham should relocate to the US but should be trained to be versatile since movies like ‘Beasts of No Nation’ comes once in a while with good story line and good directing.”

According to Nigeria’s Ebony Life TV network, Abraham is indeed moving to the US, where he will attend school under a scholarship set up by Netflix, the company that made Beasts.



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